Palace in Sieroszów

We have virtually reconstructed the existing building using traditional measurement techniques and BIM modeling in Visualarq for Rhino.

The ruins of the palace are in the village of Sieroszów in Poland. The model was created during the measurement process. We used VisualARQ BIM software to break up the time to create documentation. Details have been added in Rhinoceros.

Layout included 2D floor plans, elevations and sections. The building have many details. Everything was exported to dwg files format.

Investor: Zbylbruk

Date: 04-2016

Render was made in v-ray for Rhino. It is made like an addition to the documentation. We tested new v-ray 3.6 software for Rhino and Visualarq. In the future, we will try to show the target visualization consulted with the conservator.